LENR at 1kHz and 50 % dutycycle 1 wmv

Hi all
This vidéo was not initially intended for youtube, it why it is in french only.

This video is intended for answering some questions from members at conspirovni science forum..

As you can see , after having tested a lot of different frequencies, (up to the Stanley Meyer 42 kHz), i came back to what seems the best for my setup, that is 1 kHz at 50 to 70 % dutycycle.
At this frequency, my smoothingcapacitor is charged at 360 volts, and the plasma is very efficient inside the reactor, but the mosfet stays cool and the cathode suffers no damage.
I will probably go on with this basis.

As you can see, the measurement is always very difficult, because my old mechanical instrument are not in accordance with the digital instrument. And my true RMS ampmeter is designed for 40 to 400 Hz so ???
If somebody can help with reliable measurement for those kind of LENR reactor ??

Merry Christmas at all


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