LENR bigger setup very well insulated,wmv 1

Hi all

This video is intended for interested people as an update of my work on the LENR.

As my previous reactor was very small (150 ml ) when i tried to test high voltage (above 150 volts ) the vapor output was very strong and i had to stop the experiment after very short time. So i decided to increase the reactor capacity to 450 ml, and locate the cathode and anode very near the bottom of the vessel, so i have much more time for the measurement.

Also i have remade the insulation of the vessel so the calorimetry measuremt are more accurate.

For the current measurement, i have used an analogic amperemeter, which goes from 0 up to 1 A, so i have organised a switch , so i can desengage the Ampmeter for the electrolysis phase which is much abobe 1 A at the beginning , and engage the Ampmeter only on demand when the plasma is well installed.
Further more, the analogic ampmeter, by inertial, damps the variations of current, so it is much better readable, and i thrust much more this instrument than the clamp ampmeter.

So i go on this experiment with the greatest interest, and always more precision in the doing and the results.

Hope this helps and stay tuned


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