NASA Video Part 4 – Minimum Acceleration Speed

NASA Abstract – Work Performed to Date Since 2001 Potential Difference Inc. has be investigating various methods to reduce armature reaction (Lenz’s Law effects) in electric generators. At the present time PD Inc. employs High Voltage / High Impedance Coils as self excited “motor coils” in its salient pole generator design to accelerate the generator rotor under load while simultaneously collecting the HV coil’s induced magnetic field and magnetically coupling it with the load supplying, High Current / Low Impedance Coils and vice versa. With its new Concentric Bi-Coil design Potential Difference has successfully eliminated the “negative” effects associated with Lenz’s Law. We have produced 4 “NASA” videos – to show the developments: Video #1 EXPLANATION – HIGH VOLTAGE COIL MOTOR EFFECTS Video #2 DEMO – NEW COIL Video #3 DEMO – PRIME MOVER CONTRIBUTION Video #4 DEMO – MINIMUM ACCELERATION SPEED Perepiteia Generator Operation Explanation High Voltage Coil “Motor” Effects November 11th, 2008 Introduction The Perepiteia Generator employs high voltage coils to counteract the effects associated with Lenzs Law (armature reaction). Whereas a conventional generator high current coil design causes the prime mover to decelerate under load the Perepiteia high voltage coil design causes the prime mover to accelerate. If high current and high voltage coils are employed simultaneously, the acceleration provided by the high voltage coils can completely eliminate Lenzs Law (deceleration

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