Visit at Per Johan in Sweden to work on the Prof. Jones circuit Visit at Per-Johan in Abod Öglunda Sweden to work on the Prof. Jones circuit.. I just stopped by Per-Johan´s place on my vaccation trip to say hello, as I was near him and he was very friendly and showed me his Prof. Jones circuit he was working on. Then we tweaked it all a bit and got the battery to charge up while running it lights the LED. Look at the circuit diagram in the video. We used 4 x 1N4148 diodes o´for the FWBR diodes, but with better diodes this would work even better. We also tried to selfloop it via a capacitor instead of the battery, but we only had an hour of time to play with it at my visit, so there were too many losses and also the 2 x 1 Ohm resistors were still in there, so the pickup coil with the bridge puts out less current than it consumes, but due to the voltage spikes the battery does charge indeed a bit up during runtime of the circuit. Other conclusions could not be drawn in the short time of the visit. Many thanks to Per-Johan for the friendly hospitality and the nice talks we had. Regards, Stefan.

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