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Radiant Oscillator Circuit / Don Smith Part 7 A: One Minute Run Time WITH Circuit 1 Farad Capacitor

2x 2n3055 npn bipolar transistors 2x ignition coils with no resistors -Test leads for connections -at least one 12vDC 3 watt led bulb -analog ammeter 0-5 amp (or 0-1Amp would work:) -12 volt battery…

Just A Trick On How To Salvage Heat Sinks From Circuit Boards… ( Eazy!) haha Have Fun!

Funy Times! 🙂 Ont thing i will say is that this works grate for circuit boards from these old TV’s BUT! Some of these boards are a bit tougher… Ware gloves!!! And safty glasses!…

The Russtic WFC Frequency Generator V4.5 Done, Still Need Amp & Volt Meter. RWGresearch.com

Still Working On The Files And Such For The New Cam… this one’s not high def… The Russtic WFC Frequency Generator. True 50% Duty Frequency Generator W Gating. open-source-energy.org