Simple solar inverter + tiny circuit 1.5V driven mains bulb

Based somewhat on a Jeanna’s Light or Lidmotor’s similar circuits, this is a lot smaller inverter than the one from the other day. It fits around the base of the 120V 2W Lights of America LED bulb. Current draw is 120mA, which is also an improvement. It’s silent 😀 300 turns Secondary of 30 gauge wire, in 2 layers 3 turns trigger for the transistor Base 9 turns Primary Transistor is a MPS2222A Pot is 250 Ohm’s No fixed value resistors, diodes or capacitors – the idea being both compact size and simplicity. As a mains inverter for at least household lighting it appeals. The old solar panel is only capable now of 2V in full sunlight and, with running it in the late afternoon hopefully shows the possibilities of such a system…very cheap, easily constructed and can be made very small indeed. Once a bulb is converted to run from 1.5V, it need never be plugged into 120V mains and its size is no larger. A YouTube search for “Jeanna’s Light” will bring up the circuit diagram and some great examples of other peoples work.

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