NASA Video Part 1 – Regenerative Acceleration Explanation

NASA VIDEO ABSTRACT Parts 1 & 2 Video update of Potential Difference Inc’s Regenerative Acceleration Technology. Generator Regenerative Acceleration is accomplished with the incorporation of HIGH IMPEDANCE / HIGH VOLTAGE COILS which have the effect of accelerating the prime mover during operation. Perepiteia Generator Operation Explanation Draft 1 June 20th, 2008 High Voltage Coil Effects Thane C. Heins Introduction The Perepiteia Generator employs high voltage coils to counteract the effects associated with Lenzs Law and the Law of Conservation of Energy. Whereas a conventional generator high current coil design causes the prime mover to decelerate under load the Perepiteia high voltage coil design causes the prime mover to accelerate. If high current and high voltage coils are employed simultaneously, the acceleration provided by the high voltage coils can completely eliminate Lenzs Law (deceleration) effects and even provide additional acceleration despite high current coil loading. This paper is intended to explain (only) one aspect of how this acceleration may be occurring with respect to how high voltage wire eddy currents affect the coils ability to produce an induced magnetic field as dictated by Lenzs Law. There of course are other possible reasons for the observed acceleration (including core loss reduction) which will be dealt with in greater detail at another time. Basic Observations, Critical Minimum Rotor Speed/Frequency Conventional generators employ low

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