LENR outputvapor electrolysis versus plasma 1

Hi all

here a further test on my thermically isolated reactor.

This time i try a cathode of tungstene (TIG rod with 2 % lantahne ) of only 1.5 cm length and 2.4 mm diameter.

The reactor contain 400 ml of tap water and 1 gram of baking soda (NaHCO3)

The climbing in temp is really fast , and need less than five minutes to climb from 44 deg celsius up to boiling.

Than i wanted to see if there is a difference between the output vapor of the standard electrolysis and the plasma electrolysis.

The answer is very clear, the vapor is really different, at the same electrical input value.

I tried to smell with my nose if there is some difference, (not very scientific ) but i am not trained enough to detect a claer difference.

Now why this difference ANY IDEA ?? And what could be the best for injection in a 4 stroke engine.

thank’s for watching


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