LENR in high voltage electrolysis perhaps 1

Hi all
Going on my research, i have found the Daniel Gendron electrolysis with high voltage (80 volts ) and low electrolyte concentration and cathode and anode in pure Nickel. And Daniel seems to show a very good efficiency in Heat production in his cell.

So i have tested it with a tungstene cathode and inox anode, and the heat production was very bizarre as the begins at about 500 watts at 40 degrees and stays quite high until 80 to 82 degrees. Than the wattage decrease very fast up to the boilling point of the water, where it reaches about 100 watts.And at this wattage the water boils happily.

The HHo production is not very high, but what is researched here is the heat efficiency with electrolysis WITHOUT getting to the plasma state.

In this video i am testing a inox cathode and anode to see if there is difference between tungstene and inox.

And it seems that the behaviour is quite the same.

So why does the the wattage dramatically decrease when the heat is approaching the boilling point?? LENR perhaps ?? That is the question!

Good luck at all


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