cold fusion perhaps replication 5

Hi all

This is a test with a very tiny reactor, completely sealed, with a chemney in order to study the output gaz. And a lot of of different things at low power.

This reactor is made with a cathode of tungstene with 2% Lanthane. As the length of the cathode is only 5 cm, i can cut the expensive tungstene electrode of 15 cm in 3 parts, and save some cost. This electrode is 1.6 mm diameter.. The cathode is protected with a silicone tubing , and only about 1 cm is in reaction.

The anode is made in one piece, i simply took a long 3mm inox screw, and shape it as you can see.

The electrolyte is backing soda at 0.1 M and the temp is at 91 degree celsius.

The jar and her plastic bouchon is standard “cornichon ” packaging.

OK i hope this helps


As you can see i can work very well at only 55 watts

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