lenr practical research 1

Hi all

This is the continuation of my testing on LENR

Basic infos
there is 600 ml of tap water mixed with 2.5 grams of NaHCO3 (0.05 mole )
The cathode is Tungstene /lanthane 2.4 mm diameter and 1.5 cm length.
The anode is inox 3 mm diameter screw rod
Temperature of reaction start is 93 degrees

This time i will approach a mean to use the output gaz of the reactor.

So as you can see i have inserted the Security- buller inside the reactor in order to warm the water , so the vapor will not condensate in the buller, and get out almost unchanged.

In my previous test, i simply made some comparisons of heating between the reactor and the thermoplongeur.

This time i will try to get the best ratio of HHo ( which is anyway weak on this set up), and the vapor when i go above the boiling point.

So the idea is to get a “special mixed gaz ” which i intend to inject directly in the carburator of a motor, and ignite it with a plasma sparkplug.

Next step is to thermically insulate the reactor , so the input power will be lower ??

Youp a nice challenge

Hope this will work, and if not i will try something else!!

good luck at all


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