cold fusion perhaps study 1

Hi all

So with the mini reactor i will try to study the system.

So first of all , and very interesting, i have rebuild my pure brut boiler, with the exact amount of tap water, and completely sealed in order to direct the steam in the same dimension of chemney as the CFR reactor for comparison of the gaz output.

As you can see with a full boiling water under 230 watts at the output of the chemney, you see the vapor (difficult because the vapor is very transparent,) but the vapor is there.
On the other side, the “steam ” of the CFR reactor seems to have a totally different looking.
Much more “smokey “, and at the feeling when i put ma hand at the same distance (about 20 cm ) above the chemney, the vapor seems hot and danse. and on the CFR the feeling is not so hot and more “light “. Difficult to explain, but really different feeling for sure.

So it seems that we are coping with 2 very different output gaz ???

Estonishing is that the water temperature is about 90 degree on both jar ??

The electrolite in the CFR is at 0.1 M. in Backing soda. Perhaps some more would be helfull because the reaction seems somehow unsteady. And this produce strong vibration on the jar (it is why i have to put a damping silicon under the CFR.)

And once more this test lasted almost 45 minutes and the silicone plastic enrobing the cathode is undamadged

And for info, 1 mm inside the silcone tubing there is a nice yellow-orange color deposit on the tungstene electrode, ??

the voltage is measured with a RMS voltmeter and ampermeter to see if the the wattmeter was OK. and you can see that the amperage is oscillating ,as Mizuno discribed, but the average can be OK, for this stage of research.

So the study must go on

good luck at all


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