cold fusion perhaps some more testing 1

Trying to get more experience on this subject, i tried different config.

This one is a cathode of tungstene -Lantahne 1.6 mm diameter and 4 cm length.

And the Anode is inox tight spiraled around the cathode.

The electrolyte is very low , only 3 grams of backing soda (NaH03) for 1 liter. (So 0.0375 M )

Than i tried to increase the voltage so high to start the reaction, but never so high , in order to avoid the plasma ball. (which is very and rapidly destructiv for the cathode)

So when the cathode begins to get the orange color all along the length (at about 230 volts ), i reduce the voltage rapidly down to 150 volts.

And than i can reduce very slowly the voltage to the minimum , which is very depending of the cathode diameter and length

Next step will be testing other electrolyte .

And after trying some different pulse circuitery.

Anyway it seems very constant that the system is very much superior than the electric boiller.

That is very interesting experiment.


Hope this helps

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