LENR reducing the scale to minimise danger 1

Hi all

Here a small video to test a very small LENR reactor.

The aim is to minimise the danger in case of explosion due to further test on the output gas.

So this reactor is only 150 ml of electrolyte.

The cathode is tungstene /lanthane 1,6 mm diameter and 2 cm length. and the anode is a inox screw of 3mm diameter and about 70 cm length.

The electrolyte is NaHCO3 (backing soda ) in a proportion of 5 grams per liter of tap water.

As you can see , the minimal power to maintain a flux of vapor (more than 100 degre celsius ) very probably mixed with hho , is very low , only about 0.37 A at 90 volts = 33 watts.

So my progress

hope this helps


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