cold fusion perhaps replication 3

Hi all

Here an attempt to make a comparison between standard water boiling and the “tungstene reaction” water boiling.

The 2 jars contain about the same quantity of water, and the diameter is the same.

The boiler “thermo plongeur “, is rated 300 watts and it effectively draws about 230 watt at full boiling.

The other jar contain tap water and some baking soda about half a coffee spoon.

As we can see at about the same temperature (85 degree celsius), the quantity of “smoke ” vapor, is almost the same.
But at this output energy similitude, the “tungstene reaction needs only 90 watts input power. And the boiller stays at 230 watts.

Than i increase the “tungstene reaction to 230 watts, so both input power are the same, but the “tungstene raction ” seems much more powerfull.

All those measurements are hand made in my kitchen and subject to all errors and subjectivity.
So you make “des choux et des raves”

Hope this helps


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