LENR test with very short square wave 1 wmv

Hi all

this is to go on this fantastic experiment

This time i used a square wave with arround 6.5 % dutycycle at 160 Hz frequency, to pulse the max DC (rectified and smoothed )i can get from my variac . The smoothing capacitor shows 349 volts.

And as you can see there is almost no more plasma burst inside the very well thermally insulated reactor.

And i have checked the average voltage on the electrode with 2 different voltmeters to be sure that the reading is accurate.

And in this reactor i have 450 ml of tap water with 0.02 Moles of K2CO3. The cathode is W/L (tungstene /with 2% lanthane )1.6mm diameter and 2 cm length.
The anode is 1 meter of 3mm diameter inox screw rolled in 8 turns around the cathode.

The results seems to be really good, as i can get a important vapor jet with only 14 volts(average ) at 0.285 A average

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Good luck at all


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