LENR practical test with a magnet 4

Hi all

this is my progress to more scientific measurements.

So i encapsulated, the whole reactor in insulation means (styropor ),

The aim is to get as small loss as possible, to measure the input power on the electrode ands the output power under the form of heat and vapopr and RF and noise and …

So in this first vid , i have tried only 5 layers of styrofoam arround and under the reactor second chamber .

The results are very encouraging, and i will increase the insulation , because there is too much lost left.

But simply to show you my way.

Further more i tried to get measurement by calculating the difference in completing the vaporized water to get the weight difference, but than i realised that it was imuch easier to simply weigh the reactor at the beginning of operation , and reweigh the reactor at the end.,,, much more reliable

Hope this help and more to come


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