TKs DickFan Demo 2

The flyback pulse can be collected in capacitors or run external loads.

Here I use the flyback pulse to charge up a little cap stack of two 160 uF, 330 volt photoflash caps in series, giving 80 uF at 660 volts. But I have a NE-2 neon across the cap stack so it will limit the voltage build up to its strike voltage of around 90 volts. The neon turns off at around 60 volts. So the cap stack will fill up until the neon strikes, then dump its energy until the voltage is down to 60 volts and the neon turns off. This happens very quickly. It takes about 5-6 seconds to recharge the caps per flash.

When done, Don’t forget to discharge the remaining energy on the cap stack! 60 volts at 80 uF can still bite.

The first few flashes don’t happen spontaneously because the contact between the neon’s legs and the cap stack is not very good. So I have to tap the neon to get it to flash-spark. After a few of these the neon’s leads are effectively welded to the cap leads, so the neon simply fires on its own when the strike voltage is reached.

The output will run a neon by itself, and will also run incandescent bulbs. The 14 volt automotive bulb glows brightly, and it will even make a 120 volt nightlight 4 watt bulb glow dimly. Of course it wipes out LEDs.

Thanks to Ramset for keeping the pearls. Thanks to Mile High for the original MHOP driver suggestions years ago. Thanks to Gotoluc for moral support, kindness, and the high voltage Schottky diode. Cheers, friends!

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