TKs DickFan Driver Board Schematic

I discarded the kludgy schematic from Dick’s video and decided to develop a proper pulse motor driver that would work better.

But is it Over Unity?

Look at it this way. The fan consumes 6.5 times as much power as the unmodded fan did. And it goes 4 times faster in RPM. But Kinetic Energy (KE) goes as the _square_ of the rotation rate. So 4 times faster means 16 times more energy. But we added only 6.5 times more power. So we got almost 10 times the fan rotational KE (and air moved, and noise) for free. Free Energy!

We Lead Out the Rotational Kinetic Energy of the Flyback Pulse!

And that’s even _before_ we use it to charge batteries back and forth.


ETA: Actually… wrong. The calculations are correct, but the original data is wrong due to an incorrect assumption on the part of the experimenter. Does the fan take one pulse per revolution… or two?

Special thanks go to old Mile High for the original ideas in the MHOP project years ago, and to Gotoluc for the high voltage Schottky diode and the cool little power meter on the input side.

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