alt.snakeoil Video Report 28: Andrea Rossi, the HotCat, and Cheese Power

I have discovered the source of the anomalous power in Andrea Rossi’s HotCat LENR reactor, as recently independently tested by Rossi’s good friend Levi et al. and reported in their paper.

It is running on Cheese Power! A good hard Italian cheese, with a little mold on it, apparently makes an excellent power source. I believe Rossi is using a generous chunk of Reggiano, with a bit of mold, as the Secret Catalyst in his HotCat LENR reactor system.

I myself have achieved very high COP using this cheese…. but I am happy to report that a fine Stilton also works quite well. Stay away from bland cheeses like Monterey Jack or Mozzarella, they are a waste of time, not nearly enough voltage output.

Go ahead, Andrea…. PROVE ME WRONG.

In all seriousness, I don’t think that the Hot Cat was actually provided with extra hidden power this way. The Levi et al. paper shows data that indicates a rising and falling temperature in lockstep with the on-off cycles of applied power, and if that data is real and not “estimated” then it would appear to rule out this method of faking.
But there are plenty of others.

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