Pulse Motors: MHOP Driver Development # 8: Waveforms, Schematics

Here I demonstrate the Drain and Sense Coil waveforms and explain what the setpoint control does. Schematics are included at the end of the video.

This MileHigh Operational Amplifier w/ Auto-Strobe is a very simple and inexpensive circuit. I estimate that the parts for the driver, including the power mosfet, total under 12 dollars.

The circuit allows complete control over the duty cycle of the pulse to the drive coil, switches cleanly and reliably, and the mechanical build allows positioning of the Sense Coil to control pulse timing, all in realtime as the motor runs.

The strobes, shown in the last video, allow the user to see what the pulses are doing without needing an oscilloscope. But if the strobes aren’t needed, the TL082 chip controls everything with a single op-amp and a variable trimpot.

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