Don Smith Device Project Part 20b: Revised Schematic, Increased Output, and Capacitor Discharge :D

STILL IMAGE OF A CAP DISCHARGE… SCHEMATIC HERE… This was kinda rushed, wanted to have more to show, and thought of more right after, This is no-where near resonance, just used what i had lying around for demo purpose. Plus the output caps are wrong capacitance, but whatev. This has all the virtues of the last video with bell-shaped wave-form, and this time the increased power from deciding to use… ….tada… a thinner L2 half for …volts, and a thicker L2 for… current, our little electron buddies will figure it out 🙂 So whether i need to use one direction or another for winding, its simply a matter of mix and matching coil arrangements with speedy quick detach clips 🙂 And fun to try them all, why the hell not ?:) I need more caps now 🙁

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don smith generator

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