A Spruce Goose – built using 2x quadcopter parts

A small 2ft wingspan version of the Howard Hughes H4 Hercules, popularly known as the Spruce Goose. Flying weight is 88g/3.1oz

This one uses the parts from 2x mini quadcopters, my own firmware and some very bad foam.
Quadcopters are JJRC H67 ‘Santa Quad’ types.
The end result has far too much power, but has been a blast to build and fly.

Here is the zip file containing the firmware. It’s based on the popular quadcopter tuned settings called Silverware by Silverxx.
There are several different types of firmware in the zip file.
All are within the ‘Styles’ folder.
My idea being to defeat the gyro of the quadcopter receiver and enable flying styles similar to those of toygrade aircraft from 10 years ago. Differential thrust, actuators, ailerons, rudder, single motor etc.
It should be considered as Experimental and no warranty whatsoever is implied or granted if anyone uses it on their own builds. Pick a big field, out in the middle of nowhere for any test flights.

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