Plane with just 1 aileron – can it fly ?

Some people say, that just 1 aileron on a plane will still allow it to fly left and right. Is that true ?

The plane here, is a foam scratchbuild and its unfortunate accident answered the question.
Being from a toy grade, differential thrust background I had no idea. The first plane I ever flew with ailerons was about 2 months ago, as a dinky ItCanFly micro model. Experiencing that different method raised the question.

Aircraft specs:
Wingspan 16″, Length 14″
Dollar Tree foamboard
PZ Minium 3 receiver (S/H with 1 actuator broken + a replaced FET for the motor channel)
8mm coreless motor
Hubsan X4 propeller
250mAh 1S lipo
AUW 27 grams
Blenderm aileron hinge
Bellcrank aileron movement method

Just throttle and the aileron as controls.

Music –
Ooh Hey by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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