Can earbud magnets be used on R/C planes ?

An interesting question from Ronie Cris Estimada…can earbud magnets be used as the magnet for an actuator coil ?

The answer is surprisingly yes. Not only are they the right size and strength, they are cheaply available.

Such actuator systems are best used with planes weighing less than 1oz, or 28g. Effectiveness is perfectly fine !
I used to use crushed up bits of magnets from old hard drives, but now will use earbud magnets 🙂

Original X-Wing video:

The firmware used is a derivation of the Silverware quadcopter code.
It is being developed for rudder, elevator, ailerons and other ‘classic’ control systems. The quadcopter gyro is also disabled, to bring a truer control ability, reminiscent of the toygrade backyard flyers of a decade ago

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