Raptor vs Raptor – Bird attacks quad powered model airplane

Thew intention was to show a flight of my modified Silverware code on an old ITC Starscream….but the Hawk wanted it for breakfast !

The F-22 weighs 21.5g
Used to be sold by Interactive Toy Cencepts around 2008-10 and used to have a 27MHz FM receiver.
It now has a circuitboard from a JJRC H67 ‘Santa quad’, with my modified Silverware code…to make it fly like the original system.

‘Santa’ quads cost about $20 and the conversion simply entails the flashing of the firmware, then connection of the airplane motors to the 2 rear motor positions on the circuitboard.
Motors can be mounted facing forwards or backwards.
2 motors and props from the quadcopter can be used, to power an aircraft weighing up to approx 2oz.

Link to Silverware for the JJRC H67/Boldclash B03/Pro and Eachine E011C. All use the same chips etc:

The Differential Thrust code used on this F-22 can be found in my RCGroups Blog post here:

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