Metal free rechargeable battery cell

A very simple ‘junk bits’ type of cell, that can be charged or left to sit and run.
The original similar cell, C/Pb has been running continually for a couple of years and this was an idea to see about removing the lead, yet still have it output something usable.

This one has come about through watching videos by neatpete45, who has made some great progress with Karpen Pile types of cells.

This one now has the oscillator permanently connected and sits next to the C/Pb. It won’t be charged up again, by any means, until unable to run the oscillator.
Am still waiting for the C/Pb to quit…that one hasn’t been charged in at least a year and a half. Aside from twice being topped with rainwater due to evaporation, no other maintenance has been needed.
Hopefully this one will emulate some of the traits.

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