Tinfoil Rechargeable Cell

Just a quick idea, that seems to have worked out. After watching RimstarOrg’s video on how to make an electrolytic capacitor, I had an idea of using battery ingredients that us salts cells builders commonly use. A teaspoon each of Epsom Salts and Baking Soda were added to Spring water, then a teaspoon of Alum was added. They reacted at this point, forming a bubbling action that lasted for several minutes, as I gently heated and stirred the liquid in front of a room heater. A couple of pieces of toilet roll were then wetted with the solution and the pieces of aluminium foil wrapped up to form a roundish cell. It was then given 5 minutes forming charge on a 12V drill battery, where the current was seen to drop from about 0.5A down to 0.25A. A black oxidation layer formed on the Positive connection. The cell sat at 0.96V quite solidly and for several minutes. I then tried it on an LED oscillator and it fired up. The oscillator ran for about 5 minutes. Using a 3.7V Li-Ion, I can leave it to charge up for a minute or so and then it gives about the run you see in the video. Nothing much in terms of power output, but does show quite the high retention if used as a capacitor. Feasibly, such a thing could be used to keep a transistor from fully switching off in a pulsing circuit. Here is RimstarOrg’s original video: www.youtube.com

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