Pressure cell + Resonance cell – Update

At the 6 weeks point, the pressure cell is still running.
At nearly 4 weeks (March 9th) the chili and graphite resistor cell is also still running.
The chili cell circuit is in resonance with Nephilim Penny, a bifilar pancake coil based circuit that runs on water and began it’s own run in November 2011.

How to make the Pressurized salts cell:

This one began running on February 20th.

The Chili type salts cell began running with the Pencil Resistor Circuit on March 9th:

The blocking oscillator circuit diagram is shown in that video.
It was moved from the workbench to run with the Nephilim Penny, where it developed the resonant oscillator firing.
Sometimes it will flash every 2 flashes of the Nephilim, sometimes every 3. It seems related to temperature or sunlight, the room gaining direct sun in the late afternoons. It’s now returned to firing in a 1:1 sync and retains a similar brightness of flash as when it started.

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