cold fusion perhaps replication1

Hi all

here a replication of the so called “Fusion Froide ” or “cold fusion ”
I was motivated by the experiment of Romain Bloom, who demonstratedin a video , that his cold fusion reactor “CFR ” was less energy demandor than his water boiler.

Jean Louis Naudin tried also this experiment , and his results shows COP over 1.

So i took the Bridge rectifier from my dead GEGENE Tristar, which is 25 A at 800 volts, i bought some Tungstene welding electrode (mine are with 2% Lanthane, which is used now to replace thorium because lanthane is not radioactive at all), so this experiment shows that we can also use tungstene electrode without thorium.

OK the bath is tap water with (about i.5 liter and a coffe spoon of baking soda.

This video is done for my own pleasure and do not claim everything other than a replication to understand something different for me.

good luck at all

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