Mark Hugo: Validating Cold Fusion – Nuclear engineer Mark Hugo describes the work of Dr. Richard A. Oriani in providing validation for cold fusion experiments through the use of radon detectors, which Oriani utilized to measure alpha particle generation inside a cold fusion electrolytic cell.

Mark Hugo cites, “Energetic Charged Particles Produced in the Gas Phase by Electrolysis”, published by Dr. Richard A. Oriani and John C. Fisher, which summarizes Oriani’s research in this area.

According to the paper, Oriani used CR-39 polymer samples suspended in the gasses ABOVE the cold-fusion electrolytic cell as a detection apparatus for alpha-particle emission from the cold fusion cell. Hugo stresses the importance of suspending the CR-39 detector above the solution, as he believes that the solution itself may impede either the particle-emitting reaction or detection of the particles. After extensive testing to determine a baseline “control” for radiactivity in the area, Oriani ran the cold fusion cell for 5 weeks, and during this time documented one massive alpha-particle emitting event.

Mark Hugo describes the experimental measurements done on the cold fusion cell, as well as the construction of Oriani’s cold fusion cell and the manner in which the CR-39 sample was experimentally used. He also describes how detailed analysis of the particle tracks from the alpha-emission led Oriani to realize that these came from a single particle event.

According to Mark Hugo, not only has Dr. Richard Oriani confirmed the presence of alpha-emission during cold fusion experiments, but has also captured a single particle event of such incredible magnitude that it may single greater potential from cold fusion than is currently anticipated from traditional nuclear fusion energy.

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