It’s Not HHO: Cold Fusion & The Papp Engine – Mark Hugo demonstrates how HHO may be a nuclear process involving cold fusion, and may also be the force responsible for the Papp Engine.

After modifying a Buick Park Avenue sedan to run on an HHO (Brown’s Gas) and gasoline mixture, he found a 30% increase in fuel-efficiency from the HHO addition. This led to some difficult questions, however, because the amount of Brown’s Gas being added to his fuel mixture was miniscule, so he began searching for another explanation.

Hugo found the work of Dr. Richard A. Oriani and James C. Fisher, who claim to have validated cold fusion alpha-reactions inside of traditional HHO cells – which are built very similar to HHO electrolyzers. Hugo found their research compelling enough to begin researching Oriani’s tests on cold fusion involving CR-39 detectors, which seem to indicate energy emission during cold fusion events that exceeds even that in traditional “hot fusion” experiments (on rare, per-event basis).

Realizing that HHO and Brown’s Gas may in fact contain cold fusion reactions that account for the increased energy seen in his vehicle, he reasoned that modifications to Oriani’s design might result in a “closed-loop” cold fusion engine. As he states in this footage, his next realization is that Joseph Papp might have built just such an engine in 1968.

According to Mark Hugo, the Papp Engine patent almost perfectly describes an electrolytic HHO or cold fusion system for producing the compound Hugo believes produces the cold fusion energy.

He indicates that the Papp Engine’s DC supplemental power supply was used to prime the engine as an electrolytic generator before actual operation of the engine through the AC electrical system. He also describes Papp’s “capacitor plate” system as a form of Jacob’s Ladder, or “gliding arc” to carry the plasma combustion current into the combustion chamber.

While Mark Hugo’s description of the Papp Engine as an electrolytic cold fusion reactor may not be complete, he definitely provides a wealth of scientific and technical knowledge on HHO and Brown’s Gas, cold fusion, and the Papp Engine in this technical interview.

Finally, Hugo provides detailed instructions to inventors seeking to experimentally test this theory based on his research into cold fusion, the Papp Engine, and Dr. Richard A. Oriani’s research.

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