Scoposcopy: Supplement: Carry Case for Rigol Oscilloscope DS1054Z

The official Rigol carry bag is more than a bag, it’s a semi-hardshell case that fits the scope perfectly with plenty of room for probes, cables, manual and other stuff.

The quality of this case is great, there’s nothing wrong with it, stitching and clasps and zippers are all high quality and the design clearly had some thought put into it.

Many thanks again to the contributors for including this excellent case in the package. It makes a great place to “put the scope to bed” and of course if one travels with the scope, it’s a necessity. Some other vendors offer a “free bag” with their scope deals, but that bag is just a generic glorified gym bag with some padding. The Rigol case is specifically designed for the 1000-series scopes and is a perfect and secure fit for them.

Oh… “Sorry about the light”… I can’t seem to stay out of the shadows lately.

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