Scoposcopy: Rigol DS1054z, Take Two: Replacement, Unboxing, PassFail testing

I had to return the first scope because of the bad CH4 glitch. SO here’s the new one, being unboxed, and tested out using the Pass-Fail system to watch a waveform from a little crystal oscillator I kludged together from salvaged parts.

ERRATA: I misspeak several times in the video, calling CH3 by the wrong number, saying Z when I mean S, and some other minor errors. I’m really fatigued lately so I hope my meaning is clear even when my words may not be.

Thanks again to the folks who made this acquisition possible, and to the great ladies at TEquipment who got the scope to me so quickly, and to Jason at Rigol who watched the “Glitch” video and was very helpful in getting the replacement new one approved.

It’s odd that this one wasn’t double-boxed as they usually are. And it was also a lower serial number, by quite a few, than the first one I got. I wonder…. is this baby a real virgin, or has it been around the block already? No matter, it’s working and I’m happy… so far.

(It’s great to see 500 million “pass” waveforms indicated in the Stats box without a single “fail”…. it has been running all day long without problems. Well, almost without problems… but that’s another story and hopefully an insignificant one.)

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