Scoposcopy: Digital vs. Analog: Comparison Using Slow Signal w Embedded Pulses

Here’s a quick comparison between the Tek 2213a Analog scope and the Rigol DS1054Z Digital scope, using a slow signal with faster embedded features from the Perpendupetulum light-powered pendulum.

I have probes from both scopes connected across the coil of the pendulum pulser. The Digital scope’s trace remains on the screen and allows zooming in to view the finer details that vanish quickly on the Analog scope’s screen.

Sometimes the Analog display will be better than the DSO’s but this is one case where the DSO’s advanced features really come in handy, indeed they make the measurement possible in real-time. I could capture the Analog trace on a photograph using single-shot mode and then analyze it from there, but that’s quite a hassle compared to the ease of zooming in on a captured trace using the DSO’s zoom timebase and single-shot mode.

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