Scoposcopy: Rigol DS1054z Runt Trigger Demo

Using the pulse train from the Perpendupetulum, I demonstrate the very handy Runt Trigger mode available on the Rigol oscilloscopes.

Normally most of the time we use the Edge trigger and trigger the scope on the rising or falling edge of a waveform. But with a pulse group as shown here, you can normally only trigger on the first such edge of the group. Using the Runt Trigger allows much more flexibility on selecting which pulse of the group one wants to see… as long as the pulses within the group are at different amplitudes. As the name implies, it is usually used to trigger on a pulse that is smaller in amplitude than its neighbors.

The Runt Trigger allows the scoposcopist to select a particular pulse from a group of pulses that may vary in peak amplitude. This is a very convenient way to zero in on pulses of interest, where simply scrolling horizontally may be more difficult.

The Runt Trigger is one of a wide range of trigger options available on the Rigol oscilloscopes.

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