Smart E-Bicycle with the world’t strongest motor type, a Brushless outrunner.

This bicycle runs with the world’s strongest motor type to weight ratio, a Brushless Outrunner motor, with neodym magnets.
Draws at 12 volts around 450 watts and at 36 volt 3600 watt = 4 hp, weighs 800 grams.
With an efficiency of 85%.
Driving 18 km -11miles on a 12 volts 16 Ah leadaccu, with a top speed of 22 km/h – 13,6mph.
At 24 volts, more than 40 km/h – 26 mph. and at 36 volts 60 km/h – 37 mph.
The bicycle has now been running for more than 250 km – 150 miles, and the tire is worn halfway.
I have set the speed control to slow start up, approximately 5 seconds.
When I turn on the switch, the motor slowly speed up and the bike accelerates with sufficient speed, without destroying the bike tire. The engine must not make burner on the tire and destroy it.

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