Yildiz has Troubled Start on His All-Magnet Motor at Palexpo April 10 10am

On the morning of April 10, 2013, when Mr. Yildiz went to start the motor at around 10:05 am, shortly after the conference opened, it didn’t start. He pulled it into a closet at their booth for about 20 minutes, then emerged. Then he started it by the way you’ve seen on the web.

The motor ran from 10:28 am to 2:50 pm GMT, nearly 4.5 hours.

It started at 2600 rpm, then went up in speed to 2673, then down and up that range for about 3 hours.

Then, a magnet was “loose”, and the motor began to slow. Then, he said that the magnet alignment malfunction began to cascade so that 3 were out of line. By 2:21, the speed was 2064. A noise could be heard from the motor, so he turned it off.

More at http://YildizDemo.com

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