The Arduino Pulsed Motor Controller (APMC) v1.0 tested on the Adams type motor

The APMC (Arduino Pulsed Motor Controller) v1.0 is a very useful tool designed for helping the experimenter who want to explore the Delayed Lenz Effect or the Magnetic Lag Effect and want to test some pulsed motors.
(i.e. the Robert Adams motor, the John Bedini unipolar motor…). The APMC allows the experimenter to do a fine tuning of the firing pulse around the TDC.

The APMC uses an Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller board with a small MosFet power driver board. The APMC firmware has been designed and tested by Jean-Louis Naudin and released under GNU licence in full open source.

The APMC features :
. adjustable delay of the firing pulse after the TDC
. adjustable duration of the firing pulse
. auto tuning mode of the pulse duration Vs the RPM
. autostart at low RPM
. real time RPM monitor
. serial logging of the full datas
. on/off enable of the firing pulse
. 2×16 LCD screen monitor
. full keypad for the setting

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