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The idea here is to propose a mean to measure the electrical input power for the christmas motor of Ted at www, So as the motor has 2 battery in my special set up, i measure only one battery because they are working in alternance. When 1 battery is pulsing the motor, the other is shut down. In this case you can see that the amp draw is stabilised after about 1 second of running due to the start. than it stays at a wobling 8 to 10 milli amps during the Measure time (about 2.6 second ) as per my previous video. Than the spool gets the second layer of the lifting line and the amps goes sligthly higher.and the measurement is nomore valid. So on this test which correspond to my previous video, the total input power should be about 18. 58 volts average X 9 ma (average ) = 0.1672 watt But if i let the motor run at idle speed without load, the input power for the idle speed is 18.6 volts at 3 ma = 0.0558 watt. So the net power to lift the weight is 0.1672 watt minus 0.0558 watt = 0.1114 watt net input power seems really interesting to further investigate this motor. Good luck at all Laurent

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