Practical 30 AWG solar bits panels

A few panels made from the 2lb bag of pieces recently received.
30AWG is used on all of them and will deliver about 1.2A of current.
That’s ideal for small battery charging or any other use up to 1.2A.

The large 20V 1.2A panel is presently charging up a car battery that was converted to alum and also powering a PC fan on top of my CRT monitor to cool it.
The 18V picture frame panel is charging what I hope to form a decent bank with, salvaged Li-Ion cells from laptop battery packs. The cells are doubled for twice the amperage and put out 14.4V in total here.
The 1V panel will be used for normally battery run motor experiments. The little chip piece happened as I was testing it, but luckily the solar piece wasn’t the least performing one and it kept its amperage rating.

Just some ideas for using solar panel pieces.

The bits cost $12.50 per 1lb bag from Silicon Solar.
I have no affiliation with them, but wouldn’t mind some more bits if the word gets back to them about how crazy useful these pieces are !

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