Solar Tabbing BIG costs save tip

Although these panels aren’t 100% well finished with my newbie self doing the work, the point is about the cost savings in tabbing wire.
Having bought 40ft of it, I quickly realised that with all the larger sections of panels that I still have, there would be the need for a lot more !

Previous experiments had shown that 30 gauge enameled wire would conduct up to about 1.2A, if taken point to point on panels…my 20V 1A panel shown in the recent lightning storm experiments video uses that method, as does the 5V USB first panel shown a couple of weeks ago (with the tiny pieces).

Just a spot on the back and a spot on the front will work fine 🙂

Extra tip – bus bars.
On this panel i’ve used the inner copper wire of an old mains lead. Strip the outer plastic and it becomes a great bus bar.

Current record output is 6.81A, at 1pm today.
26.3W best output.

The panels were within 2lb of broken pieces, from Silicon Solar.

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