langmuir approach 1

Hi all

going on my research, i want to test the Irwin Langmuir welding torch to see if it is possible
Just to remind that Irwin Langmuir found that the H2 can be separated into 2 time H1 by crossing an electric arc, and than , as those H1 canot support the solitude , they have a strong envy to recontact together. And by doing this, they are supposed to deliver a really strong energy.

1- test is to separate the H2 into 2 x H1 so to say the dihydrogen into atomic hydrogen,

Somy first step is to make an electrolyser that produces separated O2 and H2,

It seems that my very cheap system works,

So further test will be a replication of the Langmuir welding torch , to see if the recombination of 2 time H1 in one time H2 WITjhOUT BURNING THE H molecule can produce exess heat

goods luck at all


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