Solar method on test + Free Light ?!

Info below:

The shown anomalies have come about through setting up this little system…. they may be well known…but they’re new to me 🙂

First of all, semi-radiant method charging, as in, no pulses but high voltage low current.
Thanks to Kyle Carrington, whom I emailed earlier, I now understand there to be such a huge mismatch of potential going on that the 120mA or so from the panels won’t negatively affect the battery, even though at 40V. Instead, it will be somewhat desulphating the battery (last summer it powered a 12V PC fan for cool air at my workbench, as that was all this one was capable of).
The battery appears to be very positively charged by the solar panels.
Present readings, as of 8pm tonight are 11.4V @ 15A 😀

The amorphous panels are from Electronic Goldmine:

Quite what is happening with the oscillator running is still beyond me.
Sure enough, the need is for an efficient uA type blocking oscillator to gain the flashing LED, but it’s there – from only the Positive of the battery and the Earth.

A similar situation exists to the high volts low amperage solar charging – 4.3V but only probably a couple of uA. Usually, such an oscillator will run from 0.5V and 20uA.

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