General Radio StroboTac: 1531-P2 Delay Unit Demonstration

WARNING: Strong FLICKERING and FLASHING LIGHT. Please do not watch if you have epilepsy, or any other seizure disorder, or are sensitive to flicker. If you feel nauseous or headachy, please look away. Thanks for watching!

Here I demonstrate the General Radio StroboTac 1531-AB’s very useful accessory, the 1531-P2 Flash Delay unit.

This solid state delayed trigger unit allows one to “move” the stroboscopically frozen image at will, or select a time range in the event progression that the user wishes to record with the strobe flash.

As usual I use the water drop system to trigger the strobe by using the phototransistor hookup I evolved. The system triggers on the trailing edge of a dark pulse, or if you prefer, the leading edge of a light pulse, and the response is quite rapid. Even with a 20 cm drop to gain speed, the system still triggers before the water droplet is half-way through the trigger line.

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