General Radio Strobotach 1531AB Demo

if you are sensitive to flicker, have any seizure disorder or are subject to convulsions or sleepwalking, or have ever been a subject in the Montauk Project.

I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE if your deep programming kicks in and you start stockpiling survival supplies and heirloom seeds. Or if anything else weird happens to you.
(See “Press Enter” by John Varley.)

Here I use the venerable classic General Radio Strobotach model 1531AB to show what it looks like to use a stroboscope to measure RPM of a spinning fan blade.

In passing…. or, in reality…. I am using this demo to point out that 2600 RPM ain’t really all that fast, folks, and that the behaviour that Sterling Allan is so excited about when he flips Yildiz’s Little Red Herring motor around with his finger is completely ordinary behaviour of a rotor on good bearings, bouncing back and forth between a couple of magnetic potential hills.

What Allen should be amazed about is that that little motor doesn’t start running and speed up to destruction, from his flipping around.

Of course… .that would require it actually to work, in the first place, which it won’t until its batteries are replaced with freshly charged ones.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot: the mysterious Controller must be moved from the non-continuously running Big Red Herring motor, over to the Little one, so it can be stopped without using a glove.

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