General Radio StroboTac 1531-AB External Triggering Demonstration

Warning: Video contains FLASHING LIGHTS and FLICKER. Please don’t watch if you are sensitive to flicker, or have epilepsy or any other seizure disorder. If you feel nauseous or headachy, please look away. Thanks!

Erratum: At one point in the video I refer to the series resistor as “170k” but as I stated at first, and on the schematic, it’s actually 120k ohms, and two of them in parallel on the 2n2222 module give 60k ohms.

I finally figured out how to trigger the General Radio 1532-AB StroboTac with the external trigger input. I do have the original GenRad Delay unit for it, but it doesn’t seem to be working. However, the system I’ve come up with should work better, since I’ll be able to set a precise delay digitally using the Arduino in software. Here I just show the triggering system itself, the Arduino part will be figured out…. soon.

This video describes the StroboTac’s trigger requirements, then goes on to show the system I developed to use the PhotoTransistor to trigger the DP101 pulse generator, and then use that generator’s output to trigger an interface module made from a 2n2222 transistor and a couple of resistors, which then triggers the StroboTac itself.

I go on to demonstrate the action “live” with some falling droplets happening. The video camera does’t really pick up the stroboscopic frames very well, so at the end of the video I’ve included a couple of still frames which show the droplet position at the extremes of the trigger delay setting. I’ve also included a scrawled sketch of the PT hookup using the DP101 and also the direct hookup.

Thanks for watching!

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