SELF CHARGING and ACCELERATING potential free energy motor generator This is a selfaccelerating potential free energy device by user: He gave me permission to copy it to my youtube channel. In this device there are no batteries, just these capacitors. You see, he started it with half charged capacitors and this motor-generator device is accelerating and charging up all the capacitors. So he stops it before the capacitors overcharge . SO the next step is to connect ab ekectrical load to the caps and make it run without blowing the caps up or slowing down, so to regulate the connected load to have the right loading value, so the generated OU energy can be used and will not stop the machine. So this seems to be the real deal. Finally a device that accelerates from a cap charge and charges up the caps. So it seems to be a real OverUnity device. Many thanks to for bringing this forward. Regards, Stefan.

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wasif kahloon magnetmotor

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