FREE ENERGY Mark Dansie Demonstrates Solid-State selfcharging free energy Chip and Water Flashlight

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Posted with permission from Sterling D. Allan.

This was recorded at the recent BEM Energy Conference in the Netherlands.
Mark Dansie was showing the first real free energy solid state chip.

It is selfcharging and he shows it charging up several times after he shorted out the chip.

Probably something simular to an electret chip.

Also his Flashlight is interesting as its running time on a cheap environmental friendly
metal electrode is very long.

So you don´t need to buy anymore some expensive battteries but just order some
metal rods and then you will have very long light running time and you only need to give it some new water from time to time and stored away outside the flashlight the metal rods will not degrade….

Great new inventions which will have a great impact on everyday life in the near future, so this is why I need to feature this video here on my channel too.

Regards, Stefan.

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