Ottawa University PART 1 Self Accelerating Axial Flux Motor – Dec. 2009

SELF ACCELERATING AXIAL FLUX MOTOR and GENERATOR COILS Dec 2009 In this demonstration we combine a self accelerating motor coil which causes rotor acceleration in violation of the Work Energy Principle: The Work Energy Principle states that to increase the kinetic energy of a rotor – work must be done on that rotor. The self accelerating motor coil accelerates the rotor and increases the generator output through the load with NO increase in prime mover input power – violating Lenz’s Law and the Law of Conservation of Energy in the process. Cheers Thane Thane C. Heins President – Potential +/- Difference Inc. “The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds the most discoveries is not, “Eureka!” but, “That’s funny…?” – Isaac Asimov

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